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Rice ( unakklari) – ½ Kilo
Jaggery – 2 ½ Kilo ( If you don’t require much sweet you can reduce the measure. The jiggery should be made into syrup and then filter)
Coconut – 2 – 3 nos
Cashew nut – as required
Raisins – as required
Kadalipazham – 2 nos
Ghee – 50 gram
Coconut / dried coconut – chopped into small pieces – as required

Method of preparation

Cook the rice in a big Uruli . Inorder to cook the rice you can use water or thin coconut milk ( moonam pal ) of grated coconut. If you do not have sufficient thin coconut milk then, no harm in using water. No need of using more water for cooking rice. When the rice get ¾ boiled add little ghee. After that stir the rice thoroughly to mix well. When it getting mixed pour the filtered jaggery syrup. Keep on stirring it to avoid the rice gets burned. After adding the jaggery add the medium thick coconut milk ( Randam Pal) . When it get boiled pour the Thick coconut milk ( Onnam Pal) . When everything gets boiled and get thicker add the chopped kadalipazham pieces. Then you can remove the uruli from the stove. Heat Ghee on a tawa add the chopped dried coconut pieces and roast . when it gets slightly brow colour add , cashew nut and then raisins and fry. ( add the cashew nut and raisins after frying coconut for some time to avoid burning). Add the roasted nuts and coconut into it . Mix and stir well. On getting slightly cooled you can serve.

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