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Pumpkin,papaya,elephant yam, Raw Jack fruit
( varikkachakka)- chopped – one cup each
Kaattu Chethipoo ( chekki poovu) – one cup
Vazha poo ( chopped ) – ½ cup
Thumpa Poo – ¼ cup
Juice of Tulsi leaf – ½ cup
Thavidu (bran) , cherupayar parippu ( green gram) , – one cup each
Chowari – 2 spoon
Coconut milk – 3 coconuts
Jaggery – one kilo
Sugar – 250 gram
Kalkandam, cashew nut – 100 gram each
Cow milk – one cup
Ghee – 150 gram
Dates – 10 nos
Raisins – 50 gram
Cardamom powder – 1 tea spoon
Cumin seed fried and powdered – ½ spoon
Chukka powder – one pinch
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Sesame seed (ellu) – 2 spoon

Method of preparation

Grate the coconut and take Onnam pal ( thick milk ) and randam Pal ( medium thick milk ) respectively. Make jaggery into syrup. Cook the pumpkin, papaya, elephant yam in the medium thick coconut milk (randam pal) then sauté the jackfruit by adding jaggery syrup and grind it in the mixer. Cut the chetthi poo , and vazhapoo by removing the inside thread like substance and chop it. Soak the chowari in milk. Mix little thavidu in coconut milk and keep it aside. Roast the cherupayar to become red colour and cook the same by adding coconut mediuk thick milk ( randam pal) . boil the cow milk in a heavy bottomed pan by adding kalkandam and sugar. Allow it to boil l till it get thicker . while making it you should stir continuously. Make it thickened like milk maid. Clean the dates and cut the same into very small pieces. Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel ( uruli) . add grated coconut, cashew nut, raisins , sesame seeds and fry. In the remaining ghee add the cooked pumpkin, papaya, elephant yam, cherupayar, jackfruit and fry well. Then add vazhapoo, chethipoo, thavidu, chowari, dates accordingly and fry. Add the jaggery syrup , juice of tulsi, medium thick coconut milk (randam pal) and boil. It should boil till it get thickened. When it get thickened add the thick coconut milk (onnam pal) , prepared milk maid and mix. when again it get thick add the cumin seed, cardamom powder, chukka powder and fried cashew nut, raisins, coconut, sesame and mix. then decorate it with thumpa poo

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