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Eenthu – 200 gram
Vazhanaila – 20 nos
Chakka varattiyathu – 2 table spoon
Coconut – 1 half
Jaggery – 250 gram
Ghee – 30 gram
Badam (almonds) – 25 gram

Method of preparation

Grate the coconut and prepare ½ cup of onnam pal, one cup of randam pal, and two cups of moonam pal and keep it aside. Soak the eenthu and after that grind it by adding moonam pal. Take two table spoon of the mixture and keep it aside. Then add chakkavaratiyathu and little salt and grind it again to make a thin paste by adding more moonam pal. Pour this in vayanaila And cook it by steaming. Then cut the ada into small pieces. heat oil in a pan and fry the badam pieces and then crush it in a mixer. In the remaining ghee fry the remaining ada. Add jaggery syrup, remaining moonam pal, Prepared paste, and boil it. When the gravy get thickened add randam pala and then boil. Allow it to get thickened. While getting ready add onnam pal and badam powder and mix.

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