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Good quality Split Green gram dhal ( Cherupayar) – ½ Kilo
Jaggery – 1 Kilo
Ghee – 3 table spoon
Coconut – 4

( grate the coconut and squeeze and take the milk. Thick milk 1 cup and thin milk – 4 cup)

Cardamom powder 1 gram
Dried ginger powder – 1 gram
Cumin powder – 1 gram
Cashew – 1 gram
Kismis – 1 gram

Method of preparation

Roast the Green gram till it get red colour , Add the thin coconut milk and pressure cook the same. Dissolve the jaggery to make the syrup. Then Filter it and add the syrup into the cooked split green gram and boil it. When it get boiled add dried ginger powder, cumin powder. Then add the thick coconut milk and while it get heated remove from flame. After you add the thick coconut milk you should not allow it to boil. Once the pradhaman gets cooled add the Cardamom powder . ( if you put the cardamom powder into the hot payasam you will loose the fragrance of the cardamom. ). Heat Ghee in other pan and fry cashew nut , kismis, and the fried cashew and kismis into the payasam. Close the lid for some time. Pradhaman is ready to serve.

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