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1.Carrot grated – ½ cup
2.Semia – 2 big spoon
3.Sugar – 5 tea spoon
4. Milk – 2 cup
5.Cardamom powder – ½ tea spoon
6.Ghee – ½ tea spoon
7.Cashew nut, badam ( cut long) – 2 tea spoon

Method of preparation

Take a thick bottom vessel, add ghee and heat. Fry the semia till it becomes golden brown colour. In the same vessel boil the carrot by adding half cup of water.
Grind the cooked carrot in a mixer after getting cooled. The paste should be in thick consistency. Keep this mixture . Keep this mixture in the stove, add one cup of milk and semia and then cook it in low flame.
When the semia gets half cooked , ad one cup of milk, sugar and boil the payasam. Boil it till it become thick. Then add cardamom powder, chopped cashew nut and badam and mix. Then remove from the stove. Can serve hot.

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