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Rice (unakkalari) – 1 litre
Jaggery – 1 ½ kilo
Coconut – 6
Dried ginger – 3 piece
Cumin seed – 50 gram
Ghee – 100 gram
Milk – 3 ¾ liter
Dried coconut – ½ portion

Method of preparation

Clean the rice (unakkalari) . take a uruli and pour 2 liter of water add the cleaned rice and keep it in the stove. When the rice gets cooked and the water gets drained add the jaggery , mix and sauté. Then grate the coconut and take out the coconut milk. This is called onnam pal ( thick coconut milk). Then take one litre of water and add it in the peera and take out the milk. This is called randam pal ( medium thick coconut milk). Then again add one litre of water into the peera and take out the moonam pal ( thin coconut milk). Then add the moonam pal into the payasam little by little and allow it to boil. When it get boiled add the randam pal into it and again boil and drain out the water. When the payasam gets light red colour reduce the flame. Add dried ginger powder and cumin powder and add it into the onnam pal. Mix it and add into the cooking payasam and mix. Then cut the dried coconut into small pieces and fry it in ghee. Finally add the fried coconut into the payasam and mix. Ari Payasam is ready to serve.

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