Varal ( sliced) – 1 Kilo
Dried chillies – 50 gram
Coriander – 25 gram
Pepper – 10 nos
Fennel seeds – one pinch
Fenugreek seeds – one pinch
Turmeric – one small piece
Kudampuli – 50 gram
Salt – as required
Coconut oil – two big spoon
Mustard seeds – one pinch
Curry leaves – little
Green chillies – 10
Small onions – 10

Method of preparation
Take a mud vessel. Heat oil and put one pinch of mustard seeds and allow it to get busted. After that add sliced onion, green chillies and ginger and put it in the boiled oil and saute. When the mixture get fried add the curry leaves. After that take dried chilly, pepper, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and turmeric and make a paste.
Then add the paste into the boiled coconut oil and also add required salt and boil. Once it get heated add kudampuli into it and mix. On getting boiled add the fish sliced pieces into it and cook. After getting cooked you can serve hot.

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