CRAB FRY [ Kerala Style ]

1. Fleshy crabs-500 gms
2. Garam masala -1 teaspoon
3. Mustard seeds-1 teaspoon
4. Turmeric -1 teaspoon
5. Garlic-6 pieces
6. Green Chilly-5 no.
7. Pepper corns-5 nos.
8. Coconut grated- one half of a coconut
9. Coconut oil-10 teaspoon
10. Curry leaves- 2 stems
11. Red chilly, Onion for seasoning
Crush Items 2 to 8 (other than mustard seeds) .
In a pan heat oil add mustard seeds,, onion,red chilly and curry leaves and saute.Add crab, and the crushed ingredients and salt .Add water and cook on slow heat till dry. remove from fire add little coconut oil mix well and serve

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