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Prawns – cleaned – ¼ kilo
Ginger – garlic paste – one big spoon
Onion chopped – 2 nos
Tomato – 1
Green chilly – 2
Pepper powder – ¼ tea spoon
Garam masala – 2 tea spoon
Chilli powder – ¼ tea spoon
Tomato sauce – 3 spoon
Soy sauce – 1 spoon
Salt – as required
Curry leaves – 2 strip
Coriander leaves – 5 strip
Mint leaves (pudina) – 2 strip

Method of preparation

Marinate the cleaned prawns with pepper, garlic paste, chilly powder and salt. Keep it aside for ten minutes. After ten minutes, take a vessel and cook the marinated prawns by adding eight quarter cup of water and cook for ten minutes, then switch off the flame and remove the prawns from it. Don’t throw away the water. It will be required.

Heat oil in a pan. On getting oil heated add the cooked prawns and fry . make sure it is not getting over fried. Keep it aside the fried prawns.

Heat oil again in the pan . on getting heated add the chopped onion and fry. On getting fried add ginger – garlic paste and fry. Cut tomato into very small pieces and add into it and fry. Then add the fried prawns and mix well. Add the crushed green chilli, garam masala powder, into it and fry for five minutes. Take care that it not sticking in the bottom of the vessel due to over heat. add tomato sauce, coriander leaves, curry leaves, mint leaves, soy sauce and the water of cooked prawns and cook for ten minutes by closing the lid. Don’t forget to stir it in between by opening the lid. Then remove the it from the flames and can add the coriander leaves and can serve

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