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1.Small fish – 250 gram
2.Green chilly – 10 gram
3.Ginger – 2 gram
4.Onion – 100 gram
5.Oil – 15 milli
6.Coconut – ½
7.Vinegar, salt – as required

Method of preparation

1.Clean the finsh and keep it aside for some time
2.Cut the onion, ginger, and green chilly in to small pieces
3.Grate the coconut and take out the milk out of it. Take the Thick Milk ( onnam pal) Medium thick (randam pal) and thin milk ( moonam pal)
4.Heat oil in a pan and add the cut ingredients, curry leaves and sauté. Add moonam pal and boil it. After that add the fish into it and add the randam pal and boil it till the water get drained out. Then add the Onnam pal and vinegar and remove from the stove

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