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1.Egg ( boiled and cut long) – 4
2.Onion cut into very thin pieces – 1
3.Coriander leaves – 2 strips
4.Sprouted green gram – 4 cup
5.Apple cut into small pieces – 1 ( small)
6.Capsicum red and green – cut into square pieces – 1 each
7.Mathala Naranja – 1 (small)
8.Salt, pepper powder – as required
9.Salad oil – 1 cup
10.Vinegar – 1/3 of one cup
11.Salt – as required

Method of preparation
Take the ingredients from 2 to 8 and mix well. Keep it aside. Take a bowl and spread little chopped onion, coriander leaves . on top of it add egg and the remaining chopped onion. Then spread the ingredients from 4 to 7. After that spread required salt and pepper powder
On top of it pour the salad oil and mix slowly.

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