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Chicken chest flesh – ¼ kilo
Shallots – 10
Roasted peanuts – 25 gram
Cashew nut – 25 gram
Dried chilly – 15 gram
Besil – 20 gram
Corn flour – 25 gram
Salt, oil – as required

For sauce
Karupetti – 30 gram
Fish sauce – 20 gram
Tamarind juice – 20 gram
Chilly powder – ½ tea spoon

Method of preparation

Fry the shallots, dried chillies, besil in oil . keep aside the fried things separately

Cut the chicken pieces in square shape and cover it with corn flour. Then fry this in oil till it becomes brown colour and keep it aside.

Take all the ingredients for preparing sauce and heat one by one till it becomes thick.

Then mix the fried chicken pieces, green chilly, peat nuts, cashew nut, and shallots together.

Transfer this content to the plate you prefer to serve and decorate it with besil, green chilly, peanuts, and cashew nuts .

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