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1.Basmati Rice – 1 kilo
2.Mutton – 700 gram
3.Mutton keema – 150 gram
4.Turmeric powder – 3 gram
5.Chilly powder – 6 gram
6.Garam masala powder – 4 gram
7.Ginger, garlic paste – 8 gram
8.Curd – 150 milli
9.Mustard oil – 10 gram
10.Ghee – 10 gram
11.Cumin seed – 3 gram
12.Cinnamon – one piece
13.Black elam – 2 nos
14.Cinnamon – 5 nos
15.Karayambu – 6 nos
16.Onion – 3 nos
17.Potato – 2 nos
18.Green chilly – 20 gram
19.Coriander leaves – 4 gram
20.Mint leaves – 4 gram
21.Saffron , 3 ( soaked in 10 milli milk)

Method of preparation

1.Cut the mutton pieces and marinate it with chilly powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, ginger garlic paste and required salt and keep it aside for some time.
2.Heat oil in a pan , add cumin seed, cinnamon , cloves, cardamom , black elam and chopped onion into it and fry.
3.Add the mutton keema, potato cut into square pieces into it and fry. Add green chillies and marinated mutton into it and mix well. Then add the soaked basmati rice, mint leaves and ¾ cup of water . Leave it for some time to get boiled . on getting boiled reduced the flame. Hen add saffron soaked water and milk. Cook it till the rice and meat get cooked. Then close the lid and keep it aside for one hour.
4.On getting cooked, spread the chopped coriander leaves, fried raisins, cashew nut above the rice and can serve hot.

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