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1. Fish cut flat – ½ kilo , if not flat fish ( it would be better if it is ayikora) The fish should be cut as suitable for frying
2. Chilly powder – ½ table spoon ( if not table spoon you can also use normal spoon)
3. Turmeric powder – ½ table spoon
4. Salt – As required
5. Onion – 2 ( sliced very thin)
6. Ginger paste – 1 piece
7. Garlic – 5 cloves
8. Shallots – 1 ½ cup
9. Green chillies – 10
10. Tomato – 2 no
11. Funnel seed – 1 tea spoon
12. Garam Masala – 1.2 tea spoon
13. Salt – As required
Method of preparation

Clean the fish pieces thoroughly and squeeze out the water from the fish. Marinate it with salt, chilly powder and fry it . please make sure the fish is not getting over fried. Take a pan heat little bit oil and fry the ingredients from 6 to 14. When the masala gets ready add the fried fish and keep it aside for some time so that masala gets absorbed. Keep it aside after making sure that children and cats .

How to make the Rice

Take 2 kilo gram Biriyani rice ( ie 10 glass), water 15 glass , chopped onion 2 nos, ghee 200 gram , garam masala mix one small packet, cashew nut , raisins 50 gram, Biriyani Colour mixed in milk, ( Take out one spoon and keep it aside so that you may require this in the end. ) Rose water three big spoons lemon juice of one big lemon. Take a bottom thick pan and heat it add dalda and ghee and melt it. Fry the Cashew nut and raisin in the ghee, In the same ghee add the chopped onion and saute. Together with this also add garam masala mix and fried cashew and raisins and fry it well. Add the required water to cook then add lemon juice , rose water and required salt . when the water get boiled add the cleaned rice into it. Cook it in low flame and cook it the water get drained. While cooking rice you have to stir it in regular intervals. When the rice get cooked sprinkle some rose water and remove from the stove.

How to make Dam

Spread the ghee on the biriyani vessel and spread the earlier prepared fried fish and masala and above that put the coriander leaves, and curry leaves then spread the half portion of cooked rice and then put the biriyani colour mixed in the milk. Then above it put some of the fried onion . Then again spread the remaining rice above and continue the process till the masala and the cooked rice gets over. Finally on the top put the fried onion, cashew nut, raisins and above add little bit of garam masala . Then close the vessel tightly with aluminum foil and then close it with a lid and above the lid place a heavy weight or burn the coconut shell. And below cook the rice in the low flame. Cook it like wise in dum for almost fifteen minutes. Then remove the aluminum foil and can serve hot. When you are serving make sure that you remove the whole content from the top to another vessel and then take the fish pieces and masala from the bottom part and can served in the plates as required by the people.

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