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1.Basmati Rice – 400 gram
2.Garlic – 200 gram
3.Carrot – 200 gram
4.Cabbage – 200 gram
5.Onion – 50 gram
6.Celery – 50 gram
7.Egg – 4
8.Oil – 100 milli
9.Tomato sauce – 100 milli
10,Soy Sauce – 50 milli
11.Prawns – 225 gram
12.Turmeric powder – 2 pinch

Method of preparation

Cook the Basmti rice . The rice should be cooked only ¾. Remove the outer shells of the prawns and remove the intestines from the stomach. Then clean it and marinate it with turmeric powder, salt, and fry, then cut the vegetables. Heat oil in a pan and add the chopped vegetables and saute. Add the beaten egg and smash it. Add the ¾ cooked rice, prawns and fry it for some time. Add the sauce into it and cook by closing the lid. After that remove from the flames and serve.

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