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Aval – 4 spoon ( aval similar to kutthari)
Banana – 1 ( Mysore banana or palayan kodan )
Sugar – 2 spoon
Ghee – ¼ tea spoon
Raisins – 10
Cherry – 4
Cashew nut – 3
Pea nut – 6
Milk – 1 cup

Method of preparation

First we can boil the milk and keep it for cooling. If refrigerated then it will good
Heat the ghee, and fry the avail. It would be okay if you heat the aval in low flame for four or five minutes. Take a big glass. Put the Mysore banana and sugar and beat and mix properly. Then pour little cooled milk into it. on top of it spread the aval and peanuts.then mix the aval , peanuts, milk, banana, sugar one by one thoroughly.following pour again the milk and spread the aval. On top of it spread the cashew nut, and raisins. If required add the cherry and ice cream and serve.

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