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Onion – 2
Carrot – 200 gram
Beans – 100 garam
Drumstick leaves – 50 gram
Ginger – as required
Green chilly – 2 nos
Curry leaves – 2 leaves
Rice flour / whet flour . suji – ½ kilo
Grated coconut – ½ cup

Method of preparation
Put the cut vegetable into the boiled water. ( this will help to easily cook the vegetables.). Take any flour as you prefer . Take any one Rice flour or Wheat Flour or suji in a large bowl , sprinkle water on the flour ( be careful in mixing water. The perfect combination of water and rice powder gives a good result) . add slat to taste and mix it thoroughly with hand. It should be a bread crumb consistency and not form a dough. After that fill this into the coconut shell along with the cooked vegetables in a puttu maker and steam it . Vegetable Chiratta puttu is ready. Can serve with any curry.

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