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Puzhukkalari – 1 cup
Unakkalari – 1 cup
Coconut – one half
Curry leaves, cumin seed, salt – as required

Method of preparation

Soak the puzhukkalari, onakkalari in water for two hours. Take one half of coconut, required cumin seed, curry leaves, and salt and add it with the cleaned rice and grind it roughly. The paste should be suitable for kozhukatta. Then take a bronze urli and heat it. then add two tea spoon of coconut oil into it and spread the oil everywhere.

When the uruli gets heated take the little portion of the dough and spread it round by using your finger tips. Be careful that your fingers are not burned. Then leave it for five minutes so that it gets cooked. Flip the other side and also cook it for five minutes. When both the sides gets cooked you can remove it to a banana leaf.

Take a pan. saute dried chilly, shallots, curry leaves, and grind it to make paste. Then add little coconut oil into the paste and mix. Then you can serve the uruliyil parathiyathu with this chutney. If you don’t like this then you can have it with sugar or honey.

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