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Bread – 4 piece
Potato ( boiled ) – 2 big
Coconut paste ( grinded without water) – 1 dessert spoon
Meat (chopped and fried with garam masala – 1 dessert spoon
Tomato (chopped and fried ) make paste by adding chilly powder , 1 garlic – 1 dessert spoon
Egg white – beaten – 1 egg
Bread crumbs – as required

Method of Preparation

Take one piece of bread and spread it with tomato paste. Take another bread slice and spread it with Coconut paste . take another bread slice and spread the meat mix.
Place the three slices on the top one by one. On the top place the plain bread and cover it. Smash the potato and make it a paste by adding required salt into it. Cover four sides of the bread with Potato paste . Dip this into the beaten egg white and then spread the bread crumbs. Fry it in oil and cut into the triangular shape.

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