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1.Ground nut oil – 2 big spoon
2.Gingerly oil – one small spoon
3.Garlic crushed – 2 cloves
4.Grated ginger – 1 small spoon
5.Cabbage,Cauli flower, leeks, spring onion, beans – chopped – 500 grams all together
6.Hot water or Stock ( the water of the cooked meat) – ½ cup
7.Oyster Sauce – 1 big spoon
8.Soy sauce – 2 small spoon
9.Salt – ½ small spoon
10. Corn flour – 2 small spoon
11.Water – 1 big spoon

Method of preparation

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add garlic, ginger and fry. Add the chopped vegetables and mix it for two minutes. Then add the hot water or stock ( water of cooked meat), salt , and all sauce and mix it. Cook it low flames es by closing the lid. After removing it from the stove, separate the vegetables from the gravy and keep it aside. Mix the corn flour in water and add it in the gravy in the frying pan and boil it till the gravy get thickened. Add the prepared vegetables in the sauce and serve hot.

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