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1.Rice (pachari) – ½ kilo
2.Black gram (urud dal) – 125 gram
3.Suji – 250 gram
4.Salt – as required

For Salad
1.Cabbage – ½ kilo
2.Mayonnaise – 14 table spoon
3.Soy Sauce – 30 Milligram
4.Onion – 100 gram
5.White Pepper – 1 tea spoon
6.Ajinomoto – ½ tea spoon

Method of preparation

Soak the rice (pachari) and black gram (uzhunnu) for one hour in a vessel. Soak the suji in another vessel. Grind the rice and black gram in a mixer. Add the soaked suji (avoiding water) into it and mix well.

Chop the cabbage, capsicum , onion into very thin pieces and put it in a vessel. Add Mayonnaise, soy sauce, white pepper , Ajinomoto and salt and knead well. Pour one spoon of the prepared batter into the Dosa pan and spread round like you do for dosa. When it get cooked spread the salad mixture into it. When the salad gets heated roll the dosa along with Salad and cut it into 4 pieces. Spread this cut pieces in a flat plate and can garnish with cabbage and coriander leaves. You can serve this with Sambar , Chutney or Tomato Sauce as this is the best combination for Salad Dosa.

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