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1. Bread without slicing – 1
2. Egg – 4
3. Sugar – 100 gram
4. Egg yolk – 1
5. Cashew nut – 3 table spoon
6. Kismis – 2 table spoon
7. Cardamom powder – 4 no
8. Ghee – 2 table spoon
9. Maida – 2 tea spoon
10. Rose water – little
11. Water – as required

Method of preparation
Make the half portion of cashew nut into two halves and the other half into small pieces . Beat the four eggs by adding two tea spoon of sugar. Heat ghee in a vessel and fry the slit cashew nut and kismis till it become light brown colour. add this into the egg mixed with ghee and kismis and keep it aside.

Remove the thick sides of the bread and make a round hole in one inch in the middle portion . Make the hole in the middle portion carefully. Fill the prepared egg mixture into the hole and close it with maida batter.

Grease the egg yolk into all sides of the bread. Take a separate pan and make the sugar syrup by adding little water. Dip the bread into the syrup and remove from the flames when the syrup get thickens. Add the cardamom powder, rose water , and the sugar syrup into the fried bread and spread the fried cashew nut and kismis and can serve

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