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1.Pumpkin – 250 gram
2.Rice flour – 2 glass
3.Jaggery – 150 gram
4.Coconut pieces – ¼ glass
5.Grated coconut – half portion
6.Cardamom – 4
7.Dried ginger powder – 1 spoon

Method of preparation

Make the pumpkin into small pieces and cook the same in a cooker. After that grind it in a mixer. Add this mixture into the roasted rice flour and knead it to become a dough. Make jaggery into syrup and filter. Keep it on the stove and when it start to boil add the grated coconut and mix. when the water particles gets drained out add cardamom and dried ginger powder and remove from the stove. Take rice flour pumpkin mix, jaggery coconut mix and knead this to make a dough. take a plantain leaf and heat it. Then make the dough into small balls and keep the balls on the leaves and spread it. Then fold the leaf and and steam it. can serve hot

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