Home » BreakFast » Porichchirachchi Puttu (Steam Rice Cake With Fried Meat)

1.Puttu Powder – One and half cup
2.Mutton cut into small pieces – 200 gm
3.Coriander Powder – Two teaspoon
4.Chilly Powder – One teaspoon
5.Black Pepper powder – One teaspoon
6.Fennel seed powder – One teaspoon
7.Garlic paste – One teaspoon
8.Turmeric powder – quarter teaspoon
9.Small onion cut – quarter cup
10.Garam masala powder – Half teaspoon
11. Salt – to taste
12.Cocconut oil – three table spoon


Wash the meat and cook in two cups of water with 3 to 8 ingredients and salt. Remove the meat pieces and wet the puttu powder with the stalk and keep aside for half an hour. Heat the oil and fry the small onion till golden and fry the meat in it. When the meat is fried, remove from fire and mix the garam masala powder. Put a layer of meat in the ‘puttukutty’ and fill with half cup puttu powder and another layer of meat on top of it. Cook the puttu in steam.

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