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Maida – 2 cup
Grated coconunt – 2 cup
Jaggery – 200 gram
Cardamom powder – 2 tea spoon
Water – 1 cup
Vazha ila – as required
Method of preparation

Dissolve the jangery into the 50 milli liter of water in a vessel and boil. When the syrup get thickened remove it from the flames, when it get cooled filter it. Add the grated coconut and cardamom powder into the jangery syrup. Take the maida powder in a plate and knead it to make a dough by adding warm water. ( don’t add too much of water) . make the kneaded balls into small lemon sized balls and spread it in Vazhaila. On the top of it put the coconut mixed jangery syrup . then fold the vazha ila and steam it in idli vessel. When the vazha ila becomes brown colour remove from the stove and can serve

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