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1.Banana – any banana of your preference – 4
2. Rice flour – ½ cup
3.Maida flour – ½ cup
4.Cashew nut chopped – ¼ cup
5.Raisins – ¼ cup
6.Cardamom powder – one pinch
7. Sugar – if required only
8.Ghee – as required

Method of preparation

Take a vessel and smash the banana after removing the outer skin. Add rice flour, maida, cashew nut, raisins, cardamom powder sugar ( honey) and knead it. Not necessary to add water while kneading.Make the dough into small rolls and spread it round. Take a dosa pan and heat. The stove should be kept in low flame to regulate the heat. When one side of the dosa gets fried pour little ghee on top of it and change the side. Also fry the other side and spread some ghee on top of it. Super Dosa ready.

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