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Wheat flour – 2 cup
Milk – 3 spoon
Sugar – 5 spoon
Yeast – ½ spoon
Salt – as required
Coconut milk – as required

Method of preparation

Take lukewarm milk, add yeast, one spoon of sugar and keep it aside for some time to get fermented. Then add this fermented yeast to the wheat flour. Also add salt, remaining sugar and required warm water and smash it well and remove the lumps and make a thick batter ( water should be less and thick). Keep this mixture for the whole night to get fermented. Before preparing the dish , also add coconut milk into it and make the batter loose . Keep this batter aside for one hour to get fermented. When the batter get fermented , take the batter from the top portion and pour it in vellappa chatty and cook.

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