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1.Cooked vegetable noodles – one packet of 200 grams
2.Onion sprout – cut in half inch length – ½ cup
3.Mushroom, carrot, cabbage – cut into thin pieces – 2 cup
4.Soy sauce – 3 table spoon
5.Chilly paste – 1 table spoon
6.Salt / sugar – 1 spoon each
7.Vegetable oil – 3 table spoon

Method of preparation

Prepare the noodles as directed in the packet. Heat 3 table spoon vegetable oil and fry the onion. Later add the chopped mushroom, carrot, cabbage and fry for some time. Add salt, sugar and vegetable oil and saute till the water particles get drained. Add cooked noodles and ¼ cup of water and stir it for almost two minutes. Serve hot

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