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Curd – 500 gram
Ginger, sugar powder – 20 gram each
Saffron – 2- 3
Pista – 12
Badam (almonds) – 12 ( heated and chopped).
Milk – 50 ml
Cardamom powder – ¼ table spoon

Method of preparation

Pour the curd into a muscle cloth and wrap it and hang it. when the water get drained. Keep it for 7 – 8 hours like this. clean the ginger, peel off the skin and crush it. the again put it again in the water to get soaked. Then squeeze out the juice completely . then mix it with mampazhacharu . boil milk and add the saffron into it and soak. then beat the curd thoroughly till it get soft. Then mix the mambazhacharu, ginger mixture, sugar powder together. Then add the saffron milk mixture and cardamom powder. Then pour it in the bowl you prefer to serve. Then decorate it with chopped badam ( almonds) and pista . it would be tastier if you serve after cooling.

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