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Maida – 75 gram
Chocolate powder – 50 gram
Butter – 25gram
Water – 150 ml
Egg – 2
For filling
Icing sugar – ½ cup
Soft butter – 2 table spoon
Method of preparation
Sieve the maida. Heat the butter in a double boiler.boil the water. When the water starts to boil. Take out the water and add it in the sieved maida . then beat it properly by using wooden tawa till it become soft. The knead it. you have knead it till it become the shape of round ball and get separated from the vessel. Then cool it. beat the egg and add. Then keep this in baking sheet and bake it in 200 degree Celsius. When you did with bun baking, mix the butter, chocolate powder and icing sugar by using slit and grease it on the sides of the baked bun. You can also use the ready made bun so that you can make this fast.

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