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1. Ginger – ( chopped into small pieces) – ½ cup
2. Red Chillies – 24 nos
Coriander seed – 2 big spoon
Fenugreek seeds – ¼ small spoon
Mustard seeds – ¼ small spoon
3. Gingerly Oil – 1 big spoon
4. Coconut Oil – 2 big spoon
5. Tamarind – 2 small spoon
6. Jaggery – as required
7. Mustard seeds – ¼ small spoon
Fenugreek seeds – little
Curry leaves – as required
Dry chilly – 4 nos ( cut into pieces)

Method of preparation

Peel and chop the ginger finely. Pour the coconut oil in a pan and heat it. Add the chopped ginger and roast it and keep it aside. Pour the gingerly oil in the pan and put the second ingredients ( red chillies , coriander seeds, Fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds ) accordingly and fry for some time and then grind it to make a paste. Soak tamarind in a little water to make the juice. Take a pan and add the roasted ginger, tamarind juice , required water, prepared paste and salt and make it to boil for some time.
Take a Separate pan and heat the 2 big spoon of coconut oil and fry the 7th mentioned ingredients ( mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds , curry leaves, dry chillies) one by one and add in the curry. Allow it to boil in low flame and let it get thicken. When the water of the curry is getting almost drained add the jaggery and mix well. Transfer it to the jar after cooling . Can use it whenever required.

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