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Milk – 1 glass

Avil  – 6 tablespoons

Small banana- 2 nos

Sugar – 3 tablespoons 

Cashew nut soaked 6-7 nos  

chopped Roasted groundnut – 6 nos

Almond chopped –  to decorate

Preparation methods 

Fill a pan and fry the avil till it get properly roasted.  Boil the milk well and allow it to cool . Take long glass  then add the sluced and add  required and smash  thoroughly with a spoon. Then add half the cool milk to the glass.  Later add avil  into it little by little.  Mix avil and milk slowly. Then add  avil into it and then add remaining milk. Mix avil and milk slowly.  Top of it you can add chopped  cashew  badam and ground nuts  and decorate. If needed add cherry, grapes, or some ice cream