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Mulayari  / Bamboo  rice  –  1 glass full

Jaggery  –  ½ kilo

Coconut  –  4 nos

Cashew nut  –  10 nos

Dry ginger , cumin seed, cardamom  – all powdered

Ghee – 2 spoon

Method of preparation

Take Mulayari  and slightly powder it in a mixer. Then soak it in water for six hours. Later put it in a cooker , add required water and cook.  Take little coconut and slice it for frying and set aside.  Then take rest of the coconut and make a paste and extract the  milk out of it.  take first , second and third milk . Take a pan and add the third milk  and boil. When it gets boiled add mulayari Bamboo rice and  boil and stir occasionally . boil till it gets cooked.   Crush  the jaggery very well and dissolve it in required water. Take a heavy bottomed pan and heat. Pour  ghee and heat. Add sliced coconut , and cashew nut and roast it till it becomes golden brown colour. and keep it aside. then take the  dissolved jaggery   and boil to make syrup. When the water get drained  and the syrup get thick consistency . add  the cooked mulayari/ bamboo rice and mix.  When the water get drained out , add the second coconut milk and stir. When the water get drained, then add the first coconut milk and boil.  When it get heated stir well.  Remember it should get boiled. Then add the  powder of dry ginger, cumin seed and cardamom and mix. The add the roasted cashew nut and coconut.   Transfer the payasam into a bowl and serve.