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Cherupayar  Parippu  – 250 gram  

Jaggery  ( sarkara)  – 250 gram

Coconut  – 2 nos

Ghee  –  2 tea spoon

Dry ginger ( chukku ) powder  –  ¼ tea spoon

Cumin powder  – ¼ tea spoon

Cashew nut / raisins  –  as required

Method of preparation

Take a  pan and  roast  the cherupayar parippu ( split  green gram)  till it become light brown in colour. You have to heat it approximately for 5 to 6 minutes. After that wash it thoroughly  and drain it  and keep it aside . Take another  vessel  . Pour  required water and boil. Add the washed cherupayar parippu into it and cook well.   .  Take another vessel . add the jaggery and  make syrup out of it by adding required water.  Add the jiggery sryrup into the cooked parippu and stir it till it get thickened.  Then add the second and third extract of the coconut milk and  stir again till it get thicken.  Add ghee and again stir.  When it become thick as required the add the first extract of coconut milk and stir again. Approxiamtely after 4 to 5 minutes add the dry ginger powder  cumin powder  and stir.  Once it get thick remove from the stove. Take another pan  and heat 2 tea spoon of ghee. Fry the sliced coconut ,  cashew nuts and raisins in the ghee  one after another. Add this fried coconut cashew and raisins along with the ghee into the prepared cherupayar paysam .  Tasty payasam is ready